Our Philosophy

Fatta a mano, fatta a fresato


At Bayview Pasta™, we source truly organic wheatberry from reputable American farms.

Hand Milled

Our grain is carefully milled at a low temperature to retain essential amino acids and nutrients lost in commercial milling. This makes our pasta healthier and easier to digest.

Hand Made

From source to table, our pasta is hand made using traditional rolling, sheeting, and extruding processes. Our pasta is truly artisanal.


You will not likely find a fresher pasta on the market. Each batch of pasta made has a milled date that sets our pasta apart from our competitors.


Utilizing timeless, hand milled methods to maintain the integrity of each grain.

Milling grain is a labor of love. We are building relationships to the farms that take pride in the grain they grow. And picked regions that fit the right kind of grain to make pasta. To achieve high gluten pasta flour, we buy hard white wheat berries that have a slight nutty aroma and light color. They need a frost from a cold winter to develop their higher gluten content.

The next process is milling the berries. Into the hopper the grain is poured. A high carbon steel made by the lost wax technique slowly pulls the grain from above into its center. As the wheel turns the grain is cracked and then ground escaping on the stone's edges once it has become a flour. It takes two hours to mill one pound of flour in this slow and cold technique.

Once the flour has been ground it then is filtered by hand through a series of screens. This is where you get the names referred to in flour like medium, fine, zero, and double zero. What is filtered out is portions of the bran and germ. Because we mill the grain ourselves, and it never reaches above 90° we have a super moist flour that still contains the essential nutrients like riboflavin, thiamin, and amino acids that aid in the digestion of gluten. Which is why we mill right before we make the pasta.

Our Specialties

All of our pastas are hand milled, hand rolled, or extruded.

Hand Rolled


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Il Pastaiolo

The mastermind behind the pasta

Joshua Felciano

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